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Fanfare for the 15th Night


“Puckett should be a household word.”

Parterre Box
excerpt of Fanfare for the 15th Night from an open rehearsal

5 minutes

commissioned by the Fort Wayne Philharmonic in honor of its 75th season


Flute I-II-III
Oboe I-II
B-flat Clarinets I-II-III
Bassoon I-II

Horn in F I-II-III-IV
Trumpet in B-flat I-II-III
Trombone I-II
Bass Trombone

Percussion 3 players



As the Fort Wayne Phil enters it’s 75th season, I am struck by the strength and vitality of this orchestra, its members, its leadership, and its audience. I have loved my visits to work with this group in the past and always look forward to the next invitation.

In thinking about this anniversary season, I was reminded of a quote from Joseph Campbell’s The Way of Art:

“We come then to the fifteenth night of the moon. Now the image here is of these two great lights: the lunar light, which dies and is resurrected, and the solar light, which is independent of the vicissitudes of time. At this moment, the moon and the sun are equivalent lights. Out on the plains on the fifteenth night of the moon, at the time of sunset, looking to the west, you see the sun at a moment just resting right on the horizon. And if you look there to the east, the moon will be in the same position on the eastern horizon. …

This is a moment of great mystical importance. Here your consciousness, your body and its consciousness, are at their prime. And you are in a position to ask yourself: Who or what am I? Am I the consciousness or am I the vehicle of consciousness? Am I this body which is the vehicle of light, solar light, or am I the light?”

In celebrating these 75 years of music making, it is a great privilege for me to write this Fort Wayne Phil fanfare; this Fanfare for the 15th Night. I can’t wait to see what this orchestra does next.