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infinite morning

infinite morning

“Puckett’s motet is a real find.”

Performance by Scott Conklin and Alan Huckleberry

violin and piano (also a version for euphonium and piano)
8 minutes

infinite morning was commissioned by the University of Iowa


Program Note

I love beginnings. I don’t know why, but it has always been for me that the first line of a book is far more satisfying than the last. I dive into these first lines filled with the hope that I might be reading something life changing or at least reading something old in a new and meaningful way. Full of hope, full of the endless promise that only a new day can bring. Unadulterated optimism for the cyclic renewal of morning.

I sketched the opening of this piece while my wife and I were expecting our first child—full of hope and the promise of that new day. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended with a late miscarriage. That ending brought devastation and severe depression. This sudden turn from unbridled hope to mourning left us both unsure how to move on. This short piece is a meditation on those days.

Postscript—My wife and I have since welcomed two beautiful children into the world and it is partly through that first ending that we are able to fully appreciate these two new beginnings.

Infinite Morning is dedicated to Scott Conklin and Alan Huckleberry.


violin and piano


Purchase Score (violin version)
Purchase Score (euphonium version)