15th Night of the Moon

Concerto for trumpet and wind ensemble
25 Minutes in length

Find below the performance recording of the premiere performance from
Nov. 19, 2014
Craig Morris, trumpet Gary Green, conducting
The Frost Wind Ensemble

Consortium Exclusivity ends June 1, 2015


Out on the plains on the fifteenth night of the moon, at the time of sunset, looking to the west, you see the sun at a moment just resting right on the horizon. And if you look there to the east, the moon will be in the same position on the eastern horizon … And so this also is part of the mythology of the body: the body going through its inevitable course – the long body [from birth to death].
—Joseph Campbell from The Way of Art.
When people sing ... I enter the earth. I go in at a place like a place where people drink water. I travel a long way, very far. When I emerge, I am already climbing. I'm climbing threads, the threads that lie over there in the south. I climb one and leave it, then I climb another one. Then I leave it and climb another. . . . And when you arrive at God's place, you make yourself small. You have become small. You come in small to God's place. You do what you have to do there. Then you return to where everyone is, and you hide your face. You hide your face so you won't see anything. You come and come and come and finally you enter your body again. All the people who have stayed behind are waiting for you. … You enter, enter the earth, and you return to enter the skin of your body ... Then you begin to sing.
—Joseph Campbell in The Way of the Animal Powers describing a transformational journey as told by a !KUNG bushman.

Program Note

In 15th Night of the Moon, the soloist journeys deep within to find this transformation. Each movement is a projection of a line of text from the bushman’s description of his experience.

1. “When people sing … I enter the earth."

2. “When you arrive at god’s place
You make yourself small.
You come in small to god’s place.
You do what you have to do there.”

3. “Then you return to where everyone is.” [cadenza]

4. “You enter the earth and you return to enter the skin of your body."

The movements are played without pause.

Duration: 25 minutes