Emory’s Barcarolle for wind band [grade 3+] Duration: 5 minutes

Emory’s Barcarolle

Program Note

Score and Parts are available for purchase HERE

My son, Emory, has always loved the sound of the piano. From a very early age, he would become very excited anytime he heard one, particularly if what was being played was Beethoven or Chopin.

One day he heard the Chopin Barcarolle and Beethoven’s 5th symphony played back to back on the radio and once the Beethoven was finished he began screaming—as only a one and a half year old can—“AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN!” So I put on the Beethoven again and he screamed, “NO, AGAIN!” I tried starting the Beethoven again and he screamed [again], “NO AGAIN!” So then I tried putting on the Chopin. This worked until the Chopin finished and he began screaming again. Then I realized that he wanted BOTH the Chopin AND the Beethoven.

And so, I have given Emory his Barcarolle, littered with fragments from the first movement of Beethoven’s 5th.

The premiere was given on March 8th, with the composer conducting.
Emory’s Barcarolle is dedicated to the incomparable Cheryl Floyd in honor of her tireless dedication to changing and enriching young lives through music.

Emory’s Barcarolle was commissioned by the following consortium members in honor of the 33rd New York State Band Director’s Association Symposium and Honor Band: D’Addario & Company, Inc., Corporate Sponsor; Baldwin High School, Kimberly Roof and Scott Dunn, Conductors; Brockport Central High School, Shawn Halquist, Conductor; The Crane School of Music, Brian Doyle, Conductor; Fredonia High School, Andrew Bennett, Conductor; Guilderland High School, Lori Hershenhart, Instructional Administrator; Houghton College, Justin Davis, Conductor, Gary Stith, Conductor Emeritus; Monroe-Woodbury Middle School, Ryan Walther, Conductor; Nazareth College, Jared Chase, Conductor; Oyster Bay High School, Matthew Sisia, Conductor